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Service: Business Brand Identity Development

Product/Service Description: Stand out from your competitors. Attract fans/customers to what you do best. Make sure that everything about you as a musician and everything about what you say, write, sing, and sell has a coherent tone and image. With brand identity development, I can help you find or develop an image that people will associate with you.
Here is a nonexhaustive list of duties carried out in the process of delivering the Business Brand Identity Development service:

  • List your desired brand identity
  • Discuss your vision and mission; write your vision statement, mission statement, and values statement
  • Describe your customers’ psychographics (lifestyle and interests) and purchase behaviors
  • Assess your talents and skills related to your business (not limited to music)
  • Assess your unique business traits and write your point of difference, positioning statement, business promise, and brand identity statement
  • Craft a tagline or slogan
  • Create a name for yourself or your product that is search engine friendly
  • Configure the concept of your logo
  • Conduct research for protecting your brand; file legal paper work


Product/Service Prices:
Business Brand Identity Development: $395
E-mail me at with “Service Request” as the subject and state that you’d like to purchase a brand identity service.
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