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IACS Introduces Regional Music Competition, Join to Win $50,000

“Music is our Sport; the Stage is our Playing Field; The Artist is our Athlete!”

independent artist competitionIn 2014, the Independent Artist Competition Series (IACS) will be the first-ever independent artist music competition franchise sports league. The IACS revolutionizes artist performance competition as it enables all genres to regionally compete during a 4-tournament season.
IACS artists are judged by a 4-judge panel and measure each day of competition on the categories of: stage presence, talent, song quality, and marketability. IACS artists are both paid and receive ranking points determined on placement in each tournament during the season. The artists that finish the season ranked in the top 8 of their regional rankings advances to compete in their region’s post season tournament called, the IACS-Show Offs Regional Championship. The two finalists from each regional championship will earn a berth to compete for the national championship at the IACS-Show Offs National Championship.
The national champion receives music artist competition $50,000 dollars, the Thompson-Weiss Platinum Mic Award, and the #1 ranking in the IACS-National Ranking. To give the sports league feel, each IACS-region is its own entity and enables to be purchased as a franchise under the league. Franchise owners would require adhering to the committee’s rules and regulations. For more information on the IACS, please go to The IACA is founded by Juan A. Thompson, whom also serves as Chairman, President and CEO.
So you think you’re the hottest on-stage; you’re one of the best indie artists out there; and your marketability is ready for the next level? Then put all of that to the test and compete in the first-ever indie music sports league.
This is a one-stop-shop for all the ingredients you need to enhance your buzz. In our league, you are the athlete…compete with original music, gain fans, max exposure, receive ranking, and measure your talent against the region’s best…and if you’re good enough, compete for the national championship and the #1 ranked IACS artist in the nation. Oh, and did we mention you are compensated? Yes, you are paid to compete…this is a sports league, why wouldn’t we pay you, right?
The message above was originally written by Juan Thompson. Slight changes were added for effective readability. Visit the IACS website for information about registration.
Christopher Patton
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