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“Hot Bird Music is Changing”

ATTENTION: Hot Bird Music is undergoing changes to better our service to customers. In the near future, our products will be based a technological infrastructure. Such products will be those that musicians, singer-songwriters, and indie record labels can take advantage of to build their business and promotional platform. The differences will be our web design, software-based product line, and your access to a record-label-like membership. Sign up to our newsletter (to the right of this page) to stay updated.


Welcome to Hot Bird Music - This is a place where you can learn about improving and branding yourself as a musician or record label. Hot Bird Music stands out as both a professional and personal mentor in the music business consulting sector. This means you are cared for with information that not only boost your music business venture, but also complement your life for personal fulfillment. This service was built to give indie artists and small businesses an opportunity to effectively and confidently operate and market themselves within the entertainment industry. Go to the About page to learn more information on Hot Bird Music.


Music Business Consulting and Production – The business consulting and music production services are for independent musicians, record labels, and businesses who are in need of establishing a foundation as savvy entrepreneurs. Let Hot Bird Music assist you in securing a professional and creative outlook.Image courtesy of Digitalart - The result is potential customers/fans, record producers, business and personal managers, distributors, and investors can take you seriously. Services include business planning, market planning research, brand development, pre-production management, music recording support, and instrumental composition (in the genres of electronic, pop, hip-hop, and rhythm & blues). Visit the main catalog page for more detailed descriptions.


Image courtesy of renjith - – Here you will find links to a plethora of online tools designed to benefit your business or music. The resource section include social networks, internet music distribution, video marketing, and blogware. Links to books, business directories, and music agencies will be included soon.

RSS-3D_w_headset2Hot Bird Music Blog – The blog section contributes news, reviews, and free advice on the music/entertainment business. However, some of the posts comprise suggestions on improving and maintaining your health, and you will find them relevant if you actively compose and perform songs. Thus, your business know-how and health both affects your music and/or professional life. Go to the main blog page to start reading the most recent posts, or you can visit the All Blog Posts Archive to see lists of all of the posts published on the website. You can also use RSS feeds to stay updated.


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